TV Broadcast

How to integrate highlighted comments to TV broadcast

Admin Application

Is possible to manage multiple TV channels?

How to publish “sponsored” comment to discussion?

How to search a user?

How to block user on discussion?


Can I plan a module for future time?

How to highlight comment on discussion?

How to search specific comment on discussion?

How to find comments from specific user?

How to hide comment on discussion?

Hiding a comment on discussion is very easy. In admin application go to “Discussion”, find a comment you want to hide, and go with mouse over this comment. You can find “eye” icon on right side of comment, and after clicking hide, your comment are now hidden.


How to create new module?


How can I integrate Twitter or Instagram #hashtags campaign?

How to integrate our Facebook page?

Integrating your Facebook page is as easy as possible. First “CREATE” -> “FB Page”. Next set a Name, Description attributues for your plugins. Then set a URL of your Facebook Fan Page. Enter it here: